Mountaineering and (long-distance) hiking means >>letting go<<.
The usually energy-sapping and demoralising everyday life becomes insignificant within a very short time.
You can return to the balance that nature creates.
You suddenly realise, how simple life can be.
And then you see, how much imbalance man has brought to this beautiful earth.
It is a process full of insights that brings you back down to earth.
And thus to one’s own inner balance.

To be far beyond shattered moments…



Ascent to Refuge de Carozzu at GR20, Corsica [June 2023]

Live as if you were to die tomorrow
Learn as if you were to live forever
Stay awake while the world is sleeping
Free yourself before you disappear

[Insomnium – Collapsing Words]


Leave nothing but footprints.