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„We’re building a world-class hiking trail across the Caucasus.“

„The purpose of the association is the protection, preservation and care of the forest, especially the mountain forest and the cultural landscapes, as well as the promotion of the understanding of the interrelationships in nature, the concerns of the forest and the dependence of man on these bases of life.“

„By purchasing a forest share from us, you can benefit from a simple way to invest and simultaneously help to benefit our planet“

„Our vision is the democratization of communication media through free networks. The practical implementation of this idea is tackled by Freifunk communities all over the world.“

„The Kuketz blog and the accompanying forum are an information and exchange platform for people who want to take a critical look at the topics of IT security and data protection.“

„On you can easily create your tour book. Just for you or for the world – you decide. Without advertising, without commitment to a manufacturer.“

„Buy real food from real farmers“